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Mohan Jewellers

Ruby Zoisite Bracelet

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When Ruby and Zoisite are blended into one particular stone, the third eye, heart, and root chakras are aligned and align themselves at the same vibrational level. This powerful blend of stones will allow you to see your dreams and visions clearly, and provide physical and mental strength to help realize your goals.

Ruby zoisite allows the heart and third eye to align with one another to help an individual establish a more profound familiarity with negativity and how to overcome it. Ruby zoisite is also one of the only minerals that can transform negative energies into positivity. Leaving a piece of this mineral in your setting will enhance its positive energy for everyone in it.

Please note that the colour of the stone might vary slightly due to the camera used and the lighting. No special effects used. The stones may have slight imperfections and may slightly differ from the photo displayed.

Product code: MJ3001RZBR