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Rhodochrosite Love Bracelet

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Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone to use to find a soulmate, a friend, or a loved one who enjoys sharing their love with us and teaches us important life lessons about happiness. It can guide us to move ahead after experiencing a period of doubt and express love to others without fear of rejection.

Over time, Rhodochrosite has been shown to help one heal the repair of hurts suffered in childhood, enabling them to come to terms with and forgive their first parent. Likewise, Rhodochrosite plays an essential role in the lives of adults who work with children, such as child care specialists, school teachers, and doctors.

Please note that the colour of the stone might vary slightly due to the camera used and the lighting. No special effects used. The stones may have slight imperfections and may slightly differ from the photo displayed.

Product code: MJ3003RDBR