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Raw Tanzanite Handmade Pendant with Chain in Sterling Silver

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This Raw Tanzanite Handmade Pendant in Sterling Silver is a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. The pendant features a raw tanzanite stone that has been set in sterling silver. The pendant hangs on a sterling silver chain, and it is the perfect way to show off your unique style.

Product code: MJ2007TACP

Size: 8-10mm

Please note that the colour of the stone might vary slightly due to the camera used and the lighting. No special effects used. Due to the gemstones being in a 'raw' and natural state, they may have slight imperfections and may slightly differ from the photo displayed.

About Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a blue and violet variety of the chemical zoisite (a calcium aluminium hydroxyl sorosilicate), caused by trace amounts of vanadium. Legend has it that it was Masai tribesmen who first noticed the stone some 30 years ago after a fire caused by lightning burned areas in Tanzania. The herders noticed that the brown zoisite crystals had turned a deep blue-purple after the heat of the fire.

Why wear this stone?

Legend claims that tanzanite generates an antioxidant effect that strengthens the immune system, restores cells, hair, and skin, and detoxifies blood. It was also thought to soothe mental and emotional problems, such as stress and anxiety.

These beautiful purple blue stones primarily stimulate the heart chakra, which connects with the third eye chakra by way of the throat chakra. Due to the throat chakra's participation in this course of action, your communication will become deeper and more successful.

One of the top stones to wear when may often be at odds with individuals that you hold dear. Wearing this stone softens our words and helps select the tone of our conversation that we need.


Who should wear this stone?

This valuable stone is able to make you feel deeply calm and allows you to find your inner peace, regardless of the age you've reached. Tanzanite not only helps us to find our inner peace and harmony, but it also allows us to expand our perceptions so that we can discover any inner abilities we may have.

Feed your soul all the pleasure you truly deserve and let the Tanzanite stone reflect its love on you.