Sapphire, one of the varieties of corundum, is an aluminium oxide that is usually mixed with trace amounts of a variety of other minerals. At the legendary oracle at Delphi, sapphires were often worn due to the idea that sapphires are connected to the spirit world. According to an ancient Persian legend, it is believed that the earth rests upon the blue gemstone, and the sky is a reflection of its colour.


Why wear this stone?

In ancient times, sapphires were considered to have magical powers and protect against fraud, plague, fever, and skin diseases.

Sapphires are said to be capable of enhancing mental acuity, enhancing learning, and creating a state of spiritual healing. They can help to relieve stress, which in turn provides the mental clarity needed to achieve clarity.

The sapphire is believed by some connections to stimulate the third eye and throat chakras, allowing an open inner self to stream. Because of this, sapphires can help bring a positive perspective towards life and promote peace of mind when the brain is under stress.

It is considered to be the stone of love, fidelity, and integrity, so it's traditionally employed in an engagement ring.

Sapphires can also be used to encourage self-motivation and self-discipline.

Who should wear this stone?

For people who are clumsy or confused, this gemstone will calm them down and give them comfort.  

Individuals that find themselves in a pickle are encouraged to wear sapphire. The energised crystal will help get rid of any challenging spirits that they might have had, and they’ll see a resurgence of success.

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