Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone, also known as White Labradorite, is actually a type of Labradorite that shows flashy colours and rainbows. For about two millennia, Romans anointed jewellery with moonstone. They perceived that wearing moonstone would bring love, wealth, and success. 

The Ancient Greeks referred to all moonstones as ‘Aphroselene’, joining the names of the goddesses of love (Aphrodite) and the Moon (Selene). 

The Ancient Hindus called moonstones Chandranka (a beloved moon in Sanskrit) and also believed that moonstones were made by moonbeams, which came to Earth after a battle between Lord Vishnu and the demon-god Bali.

Why wear this stone?

This stone is famous for the capability to connect body and consciousness through chakra cleansing. 

For many people, this stone works well for fighting the negative feelings that often result in difficulties relaxing and recovering from stress. The physical balance it can contribute to the body permits the mind to reconnect.

Rainbow moonstone is thought to help strengthen intuition and psychic awareness, offering us visions of things that are not immediately noticeable.

Moonstone helps to resemble all rhythms of the biological clock, which improves the functions of both body and mind that ultimately make the individual follow their natural paths.

It drives away bad dreams and helps promote sleep. In ancient China, it has been used to deal with sleepwalking.

Who should wear this stone?

Rainbow moonstone may be the energy you or someone near you might need to discover if they want it to help illuminate and recover inner personal power while on a path to strength.

Wear this gemstone and soothe your emotions to simplify your life and attain your inner power.

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