Aquamarine is the name used to refer to the mineral beryl within the colour range of greenish blue to blue. The name aquamarine combines the two Latin words aqua ("water") and marina ("sea"). Together, the two words mean "the colour of the sea". The aquamarines are referenced in ancient Greek mythology and are said to have been found on the beach after they were washed from the treasure chests of sirens (humanlike beings with alluring voices). 

The sheer regularity of aquamarine and its connection with the ocean imply the stone's sacred potential is cleansing. Sailors have worn amulets of aquamarine for centuries to ward off danger on long ocean voyages.


Why wear this stone?

Aquamarine may possess a number of uses, many of which are concerned with the idea of openness and communication. People use this gem as a stone that helps them overcome anxiety that arises due to a fear of public speaking and communication in general. 

Crystal healers advocate that people wear aquamarine so they can stay calm and not feel anxious while working through tasks they dread.


Who should wear this stone?

It's highly recommended to those in business sectors of teaching and communicating as it relaxes speakers and provides them with awareness and understanding of their intelligence and feelings, which in turn makes them more articulate with conviction and thought clarity.

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