Herkimer Diamond

Also known as the gemstone of high vibrational light, the Herkimer Diamond is a kind of Amethyst and Clear Quartz. The Ancient Romans are believed to also have worn Herkimer diamonds to honour Angerona, the goddess of silence and keeper of secrets. 


Why wear this stone?

Herkimer diamonds are known for having large vibrations and for this reason the term "stone of attunement" has been coined to describe them. These high vibrations work to unblock obstructions, guide you in the right direction, and help you find a home in yourself, and they can enhance your spiritual awareness too.

These uplifting stones are overflowing with emotional healing energy. As an offering of balanced energies, altruism, and true self discovery, the Herkimer Diamond cleanses the body and the mind of any repressed fears, unhealthy thoughts, and negative emotions. As the bedrock of clarity, it also has a tendency to help you clearly see the path you're following and understand your purpose. 

The spiritual world is where the Herkimer Diamond really shines. Anyone who practices chakra healing can use this delightfully mystical crystal on a regular basis.

Herkimer crystals help to heal and purify the mind, their healing vibrations help in the elimination of emotional and physical pain alike, and they gently unearth repressed memories within the body to bring them to the surface to be healed and acknowledged.


Who should wear this stone?

If you feel disconnected, Herkimer Diamond will offer you the balance that you need to have on a heart, body, mind and spirit level, it unifies and balances them to bring harmony and unity back to self, while clearing any blockages within your aura, so positivity and balance can flow easily.

If you need assistance in kicking an addiction or habit to the curb, the Herkimer Diamond is just the partner you've been looking for. They help you confront your negative tendencies and learn how to deal with aggressive inaction.

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