For thousands of years, the emerald has been admired as a symbol of all things mysterious and beautiful. As per Indian mythology, the name emerald was translated from Sanskrit as "marakata," meaning "the green of growing things." The modern name for the mineral is thought to have come from an ancient Persian word transformed into Latin “smaragdus”, and eventually corrupted to its name today.

The oldest reference to emeralds in Western literature comes from Aristotle. He was among the first to advocate for owning an emerald, and felt that owning one increased a man's place in society, provided success in legal proceedings, helped him settle disputes, and soothed eyesight.

Why wear this stone?

One of the main perks of wearing an emerald is that it boosts the artistic capabilities of the wearer. For this reason, this stone is beneficial to those who are dedicated to building a name in various artistic industries, such as crafting, teaching, and business.

This stone directly affects the grasping ability of students and helps them to do well in exams.

It is a gemstone that is believed to help alleviate issues with the ability to concentrate and focus. It is also believed to benefit the undecided and the ones unable to remain in one place.

Who should wear this stone?

Emerald can also provide the wearer with emotional stability and physical power to withstand difficult times. Therefore, emerald is also suggested for individuals with problems in their life and those that are living in troubled times.

Wearing this gem can cause one to attain fame and popularity in a desired direction in which they are attempting to make strides and putting forth effort into.

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